Health & Wellness

plug and play retail startups

Aerobit Health, Inc. – Aerobit is an asthma management platform integrating smart hardware, software and big data analytics. View their Website >

Ava – Ava is a leading digital women's health company focusing on adding insight in all stages of a woman's reproductive life. View their Website >

BabyNoggin – BabyNoggin is a digital therapeutic platform that allows parents to track their kids’ milestones at home, their pediatricians to get reimbursed from insurance, and the child to have better health outcome. View their Website >

b.well Connected Health – b.well puts consumers at the center of the healthcare. View their Website >

Elyse28 – Virtual clinic for women's health. View their Website >

Focus Motion – A Complete, Machine Learning System for Orthopedic Recovery. View their Website >

Footfalls & Heartbeats – Footfalls & Heartbeats has developed a revolutionary process for manufacturing smart textiles where the textile itself is the sensor, which means no wires or miniature electronics in the sensing area, which will revolutionize the monitoring of patients by medical staff. View their Website >

Glidian – Prior authorizations made simple. View their Website >

InGen Dynamics, Inc. (Aido) – InGen Dynamics is on a mission to improve quality of humans with affordable and easy to use Robotics. View their Website >

iSono Health, Inc. – iSono Health combines automated ultrasound with AI for accessible breast cancer screening. View their Website >

Lumos – Lumos is developing a smart sleep mask that uses light therapy to improve sleep and eliminate jet lag. View their Website >

monARC Bionetworks, Inc. – Accelerating the search for cures by making it simple for patients to directly share their data and participate in clinical trials anywhere, anytime. View their Website >

Nanowear – Wearable remote monitoring alert garment for Congestive Heart Failure disease management. View their Website >

Optimity – Optimity is a ML-enabled digital health system that drives down health costs for employers, and dynamically calculates health risk scores for insurance underwriting. View their Website >

OssoVR – A highly mobile, hands-on VR surgical training platform. View their Website >

Redox, Inc. – Redox is an industry-leading integration solution for health systems and healthcare software companies. View their Website >

ReThink Medical, Inc. – ReThink Medical is a medical device and digital health company with the goal of reducing heart failure related hospitalizations. View their Website >

Sickweather, Inc. – Sickweather knows where sick people are, and where they will be, with real time and predictive insights at the point of incidence. View their Website >

StethoMe™ – A smart way to keep your child’s health in check. View their Website >

Sentiance – A data science company that uses AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze low-level sensor data from smart objects in order to better understand human behavior and context. View their Website >


Plug and Play Insurtech startups

Abe Labs, Inc. – Abe is a modern commercial insurance brokerage that leverages technology to better serve companies and make brokers more efficient. View their Website >

acuteIQ, Inc. – Increased customer acquisition through machine learning. View their Website >

Airware – Airware provides end-to-end commercial drone solutions that enable enterprises to digitize their business and turn aerial data into actionable business insights. View their Website >

Albert Corporation – Albert gives simple, practical financial advice and lets you act on it directly from the app. View their Website >

Civic – Civic provides a decentralized, global digital identity platform. View their Website >

Cloudbus, Inc. – Cloudbus connects enterprises to their premise and public cloud data, securely, reliably and elastically through our full-stack, cloud-first infrastructure. View their Website >

Eloquent Labs Incorporated – Eloquent Labs uses Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence to automate conversations / processes in customer service, IT, Fintech, and other verticals. View their Website >

Etherisc, Inc. – Decentralized insurance and reinsurance marketplace on public blockchain. View their Website >

Galaxy.Ai – Galaxy.AI provides claims automation for the auto-insurance carriers through analysis of damaged vehicle images using machine vision technology which provides a claims estimate within few seconds. View their Website >

Gen.Life Ltd. – Making insurance inclusive and dynamic by building the most trusted risk and distribution intelligence. View their Website >

GraphWear Technologies, Inc. – GraphWear is replacing blood and urine diagnostic tests with a non-invasive continuous sweat and breath sensing technology. View their Website >

Groundspeed Analytics, Inc. – Groundspeed delivers insight from unstructured commercial insurance files. View their Website >

HazardHub, Inc. – HazardHub provides hazard risk data for every address in the US. View their Website > – is a team of elite research scientists and engineers, building the next generation of AI algorithms for autonomous navigation. View their Website >

HomeZada, Inc. – HomeZada is a digital home management platform for homeowners to manage their largest financial asset and biggest expense, their home. View their Website >

HONK Technologies, Inc. – HONK is an innovative roadside assistance platform that uses both technology and a unique business model to turn what used to be a day-ruining catastrophe into nothing more than a bump in the road. View their Website >

Human API – Providing health data liquidity through consumer enablement. View their Website >

iBeat, Inc. – iBeat is the smartwatch that can save your life. View their Website >

Insurdata Corporation – Insurdata technology intelligently captures, enhances, scores and transfers high-resolution, peril-specific exposure and risk data globally. View their Website >

League – League is a digital health benefits provider that puts employees-first - working with employers to deliver an integrated benefits experience that includes insurance, spending account administration, and health at-work services. View their Website > – merges the best of technology with the best of science to help policyholders live well, and carriers do more. View their Website >

Mira Financial, Inc. – Mira improves the life insurance customer experience for non-preferred risks. View their Website >

Paladin Data Insurance Corp. – Paladin Cyber protects businesses from getting hacked. We provide phishing assessment and training. We monetize by offering cyber insurance. View their Website >

QBIS – A next-generation policy admin platform for P&C insurance that modernizes how products are sold from insurers, through agents or direct to insureds. View their Website >

Orbital Insights – Orbital Insight’s mission is to source, process, and analyze geospatial and terrestrial data sets and make them actionable for businesses, governments, and NGOs. View their Website >

Quilt – Quilt makes it radically simple to buy and use insurance online. View their Website >

reThought Insurance Corporation – reThought is a technology-centric MGA focused on product innovation for Commercial Lines. View their Website >

RightIndem Limited – RightIndem is a self-service online claims platform who operate in both commercial and personal lines and delivers benefits for both insurers and their customers by managing claims digitally. View their Website >

SwoopMe, Inc. – Swoop is automating the roadside assistance marketplace with software. View their Website >

Tomorrow – Tomorrow helps families make future financial decisions. View their Website >

Understory, Inc. – Understory is a weather hardware and analytics company that manufactures, deploys, and operates weather networks inside metropolitan areas to create unprecedented detail of how weather effects people and businesses at the ground level starting with P&C insurance carriers to showcase how our analytics can be used in faster event response, streamlined claims processing, adjuster assignment, and improved customer satisfaction. View their Website >

Vizru, Inc. – Vizru enables enterprises to build AI-driven, business automation and messaging applications with zero lines of code on top of any existing infrastructure. View their Website >

Wellthie, Inc. – Wellthie is a leading provider of next-generation technology solutions to help brokers and carriers thrive in the retail age. View their Website >

Zendrive – Zendrive is the world's largest and fastest-growing mobile Driver Analytics platform. By using artificial intelligence to analyze billions of miles of driving behavior data, Zendrive offers powerful insights to deliver unparalleled visibility into safety and risk exposure for insurers, fleets, everyday drivers, and even city planners. View their Website >

Internet of Things

Plug and Play IoT startups

3D Signals – 3DSignals disrupts the industrial IOT market with a sound-based condition monitoring and predictive maintenance solution. View their Website >

Centriq Technology, Inc. – The platform for your home, and everything in it. View their Website >

Cloudastructure – Computer Vision and Machine Learning to Enterprise Security. View their Website >

Drayson Technologies – A Healthcare Internet of Things Company using proprietary RF wireless charging technology and machine learning software to create sensor networks that provide intelligent data streams of high value in Digital Health, SMART Building and SMART City applications. View their Website >

FriendlyData, Inc. – FriendlyData helps enterprise companies make data accessible for non-technical people by providing natural language interface to databases. View their Website >

IntelliVision – IntelliVision is a market leader in AI and Deep Learning-based video analytics and video cloud software for security and monitoring in Smart Homes, Enterprises and Cities, business intelligence in Smart Retail, and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for car/road safety in automobiles. View their Website >

KENNWERT – KENNWERT focuses on the R&D of high tech low cost construction materials, and manufacturing processes for smart road & smart cities . R&D entitles not just the development: most attention is paid to the market needs and requirements (demand & profit). View their Website >

LISNR, INC. – LISNR® is a data-over-audio solution that utilizes near-ultrasonic sound waves and software to transmit customizable streams of data between devices. View their Website >

Litmus Automation, Inc. – Litmus Automation provides middleware for the Industrial Internet of Things, both at the edge and the cloud, providing an easy way for companies to collect, manage and integrate data from physical assets (devices, sensors, machines, cars, etc.) into applications and business systems (ERP, Analytics, Databases, CRM, Visualizers, proprietary applications, etc.). View their Website >

Motionloft – Motionloft uses artificial intelligence to digitize physical movement. View their Website >

OnTarget Technologies, Inc. – onTarget is a visual analytics software for construction which mitigates risks of cost overruns and time delays. View their Website >

Pandora Reality – Ideation to development, Pandora Reality offers end-to-end Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Solutions tailored for your needs. View their Website >

People Power Company – White-label home security, energy and care solutions with bot-enabled Artificial Intelligence. View their Website >

Predikto, Inc. – We predict failures in heavy transportation equipment using auto generated machine learning algorithms developed by our platform. View their Website >

Radiomaze – Radiomaze enables home security without hardware or software modifications by leveraging the existing WiFi at home as motion sensor. View their Website >

Robbie AI – Robbie AI provides automatic customer satisfaction scores from real-time video feeds at point of service delivery. Robbie AI uses computer vision for assessing and predicting human emotion and behavior i real time with any camera, in any platform. View their Website >

Shoof Technologies, Inc. – Shoof is developing the 1st Open Architecture Advanced Wireless Technology for the Industrial IoT and Logistics Industry. View their Website >

Silk Labs – Silk is a machine learning company using on- device AI to empower businesses to build the next generation of intelligent connected devices. Silk Labs is building better experiences for IoT by providing the fabric that ties devices together. View their Website >

Smart Locus – We deliver Enterprise Workplace services via a software-only (SaaS) model to make existing buildings smarter. View their Website >

TERBINE – Terbine is the first global exchange and marketplace for the data of the Internet of Things. View their Website >

Togg – Togg is an indoor activity detector for smart homes. View their Website >

UiPath – We design and deliver the most advanced automation platform. View their Website >

XNOR.AI – XNOR.AI is bringing deep learning AI to edge devices. View their Website >


Plug and Play Mobility startups

Artisense Corporation – Artisense 3D vision empowers OEMs and fleets to accelerate production of more efficient and safer autonomous vehicles. View their Website >

BreezoMeter – BreezoMeter is taking car safety to the next level of Health, using cloud-based air quality management system. View their Website >

CARFIT – Leveraging car's vibration science with AI to revolutionize predictive maintenance. View their Website >

Connected Signals – Connected Signals is a software/data company that plays in the Autonomous Vehicle and Connected Car markets. View their Website >

CryptoMove – CryptoMove protects enterprise data with dynamic movement, mutation, fragmentation, and re-encryption, on any algorithm, in any environment -- cloud, edge, fog, IoT, or on prem. View their Website >

Dagmy Motors – Dagmy Motors is making performance high-range electric vehicles affordable. View their Website >

DeepMap – DeepMap provides a robust, full-stack HD mapping service for self-driving cars. Our solution transforms data from self-driving fleet into high performance maps. View their Website >

DeepScale – DeepScale develops multi-modal sensor fusion powered by deep learning to push forward advanced and autonomous driving capabilities. View their Website >

Gatik AI, Inc. – Self-driving vehicles for last mile logistics. View their Website >

Impressivo, Inc. – We change the way people interact with technology by developing fabric-covered 3D multi-touch interface. View their Website >

KENNWERT – KENNWERT focuses on the R&D of high tech low cost construction materials, and manufacturing processes for Smart Buildings & Infrastructure. View their Website >

Mirada Technologies, Inc. – We build LiDAR vision systems for transportation with reliability and scalability to enable an autonomous future. View their Website >

Mycroft AI, Inc. – An intelligent voice assistant for enterprise. Mycroft is the open alternative to Siri or Alexa. View their Website >

NextNomy – Developing safe, robust, production quality self driving software stack. View their Website >

Olympus Sky Technologies – Built on top of NIST compliant libraries, Olympus Sky Technologies introduces Autonomous Key Manager (AKM), a low-power, low-latency, minimalist footprint, certificate free, cryptographic key management solution that secures IoT data in flight while reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and simultaneously improving security, and with the added ability to scale as needed. View their Website >

PlusAI, Inc. – We're building a safer future of transportation. View their Website >

Preteckt, Inc. – Preteckt is a hardware and software solution that allows vehicle fleets to predict maintenance problems weeks before they can cause an on-the-road breakdown. View their Website >

Reality AI – An AI signal processing engineer that detects anomalies and classifies signals. View their Website >

Sentiance – A data science company that uses AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze low-level sensor data from smart objects in order to better understand human behavior and context. View their Website >

SHENETICS, INC. – SHEnetics ( is a technology and solutions provider for advanced voice-driven Conversational AI interfaces for automotive, avionics, hospitality, consumer technology and healthcare. View their Website >

StreetLight Data – StreetLight Data sells big data-as-a-service for transportation. View their Website >

TacSense – TacSense has developed the world's most sensitive and flexible pressure sensing technology, known as Supercapacitive Iontronic Sensor (SCIS), utilizing proprietary ionic materials to establish an ionic-electronic interface in respond to mechanical stimuli. View their Website >

TERBINE – Terbine is the first global exchange and marketplace for the data of the Internet of Things. View their Website >

Trillium – Trillium is a Designer and Provider of Custom, Multilayer Adaptive Cyber-systems. Specialising in Vehicular & Transportation applications for the vehicles of today and tomorrow. View their Website >

TuSimple – TuSimple is an AI startup that develops L4 autonomous commercial trucks. View their Website >

VAYAVISION SENSING lTD. – Developing cognition system based on raw data fusion and Point & Shoot LiDAR for self driving cars. View their Website >

VOLTU MOTOR, INC. – Electric vehicle and energy management tech company. View their Website >

what3words – what3words is the world's first addressing system designed for voice - every 3m x 3m square in the world has been assigned an address made of just three words from the dictionary. These 3 word addresses can be used to route cars or drones, used as an address when ordering online, or simply given as a meeting point for a picnic in the park. View their Website >

X-Matik, Inc. – X-Matik brings L3 Autonomy to the masses via after-market add-on kits to all cars already on the road. View their Website >

XapiX, Inc. – XapiX helps enterprises boost sales and partner engagement by opening easy-to-integrate digital services from their legacy systems. View their Website >

XNOR.AI – XNOR.AI is bringing deep learning AI to edge devices. View their Website >

Travel & Hospitality

Plug and Play New Traveltech startups

Baarb, Inc. – Baarb delivers AI-powered Search Engine Personalization (SEP) to travel booking sites so they can drive higher conversions by connecting travelers to the right hotels faster and easier. View their Website >

Entropik Technologies – Emotion AI develops technologies that enable your brand, products and campaigns to become emotionally perceptive towards your customers. View their Website >

FetchyFox, Inc. – An Airport marketplace that connects air travelers with service providers and retailers. View their Website > – We help teams access their collective knowledge & documentation quicker with our virtual assistant, Obie. View their Website >

Outernets – Integrating virtual experiences with the real world. View their Website >

Portapp, Inc. – Peer-to-peer and Point-to-Point Intercity Ride sharing. View their Website >

RealWear, Inc. – RealWear manufactures and designs rugged wearable computing devices purpose built for industry, completely voice-controlled and hands-free industrial workers. View their Website >

Rulai, Inc. – AI Chatbot Design Tool for Business Users. View their Website >

Skipper – Skipper books hotel rooms for groups & events. View their Website >

Timescenery – All-in-One Trip Planner and Marketplace. View their Website >

TraknProtect – TraknProtect provides an IoT platform to hotels to address operational inefficiencies in hotels. Specifically, we provide inventory tracking, vendor tracking, room service tray and safety buttons with more use cases being developed every day to help make staff efficient, increase productivity, increase guest as well as employee satisfaction and optimize capital costs for hotels. View their Website >

Tripgrid, Inc. – Tripgrid is a customizable, flexible and automated workspace, designed and proven to reduce time spent organizing team travel. View their Website >

Voyway – Voyway is a web and mobile based solution for small business travelers, combining booking, research and expensing all in one. View their Website >

XNOR.AI – XNOR.AI is bringing deep learning AI to edge devices. View their Website >

SPLT – SPLT is one of the world's fastest growing MaaS companies, partnering with global organizations to improve quality of life. View their Website >

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