Technology Analyst

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Plug and Play Tech Center ( is the most active VC in Silicon Valley and the largest innovation platform in the world.

Our passion is to help startups succeed and that’s why we built the ultimate startup ecosystem: industry-specific accelerator programs, office space, year-round investments, 180+ corporate partners, and hundreds of VCs in our network.

Simply put, we give startups the best possible chance to thrive.

Job Description

Evaluate software and wide variety of other technologies of promising start-up technology companies in the U.S. and worldwide, with a focus on early-stage hi-technology startups that have great founders, a business model that is scalable and technology-driven, and are entering or creating a major market. Assess technical feasibility of startups’ offerings to create viable products and integration possibilities between technologies and potential customers' existing systems. Assess validity of technical claims and capabilities by reviewing the pertinent scientific literature; evaluating the soundness of the research; and the empirical evidence. Write and present technical and investment reports on the engineering profiles, specifications, and market potential of evaluated technology—as based on prior technology evaluations and technical feasibility assessments. Act as liaison between technology and business stakeholders (investors and technology partners), through reports and consultations. Advise and mentor startups in regards to front-end and back-end technology, and business model. Assist management in performing investment due diligence and providing investment recommendations to management. Establish structures and processes for our technology partner programs in Iran, with a focus on enhancing the quality of the sourced startups, the investment process, and the investment returns.

Minimum Requirements

Masters degree in Engineering, Engineering Management (or closely related field), plus 1 year of work experience as Technology Analyst, Research Assistant, or closely related position.

Job Location

Plug & Play, LLC.; 440 N. Wolfe Rd., Sunnyvale, CA 94085.

To Apply

Mail Resumé to Jobs; Plug & Play, LLC.; 440 N. Wolfe Rd., Sunnyvale, CA 94085.