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NEXT, a New York City-based lab run in partnership with Deloitte, is the world’s first consultative start-up pilot program within financial services.

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We’ve been helping some of the world’s most recognizable corporations navigate the early-stage tech scene for nearly the past decade via curated, industry-specific innovation platforms. In highly regulated industries such as financial services, one major challenge has been pervasive: implementing the cutting-edge technologies needed to help push the industry forward, and doing so at scale.

In an effort to address this challenge, we’ve partnered with Deloitte and formed ‘NEXT’ lab. Simply put, we will work with Deloitte to understand and prioritize our partners’ most-prevalent business challenges. Together, we’ll take those learnings and drive the sourcing process, with the ultimate goal of bringing the most-innovative and exciting fintech solutions to New York City to participate in a high-intensity 12 week fintech execution program.

By combining Deloitte’s premier technology consulting and implementation capabilities with our world-renowned and vast start-up network, participating financial institutions will have access to the most streamlined start-up technology roll-out program available today.

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