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We’re from Silicon Valley, California. We love farm-to-table, we love our avocados, and we hate the drought.

With 33 million people affected by our drought over the last four years, it was only natural that the minds of Silicon Valley took to the task of making things better with technology.

Food is the obvious place to start, with around 70% of fresh water worldwide being used to power our agriculture. Already, using existing satellite data, farmers were able to monitor the status of their crops with remarkable accuracy like never before.

That is why we created a foodtech, beverage, and agtech accelerator: to find the new startup technologies that will shape our future and connect them with corporations who can bring them to market faster.

Food Startup Accelerator

But there is more to be done – way more. That is why we have launched a new innovation platform bringing together startups, corporations, and VCs from across the world to participate in building the future of food, beverage, and agriculture.

We will run three month programs twice a year accelerating startups through corporate business development, networking and pitch events, world-class mentorship, and the potential for investment.

We will be sourcing startups across a range of technology focus areas including: precision farming, logistics and storage, internet of things, manufacturing, hardware and autonomy, and water and waste management.

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