plug and play fintech 2017 startups

Brand & Retail

plug and play retail startups

actiMirror Corporation Limited – actiMirror delivers powerful emotional connections via real-time personalized consumer experiences, while providing businesses with valuable analytics insights based on data collected via the company's smart mirrors platform. View their Website >

Boomerang Commerce, Inc. – Helping retailers & brands grow profitably through timely, data-driven merchandising decisions. View their Website >

Bouxtie Inc. – Bouxtie Inc is a Global Marketplace for the Digital Gift Card industry. We help Corporations make their clients feel appreciated and employees feel like superheroes. We accomplish this by replacing plastic gift cards with digital solutions to make recognition personal, instant, and memorable. View their Website >

Cloud4Wi Inc. – Cloud4Wi offers Volare, the industry’s leading in-store customer data and engagement platform. With Volare, retailers can leverage their existing Wi-Fi networks to provide superior in-store customer experiences, while gaining valuable customer insights. View their Website >

Dor Technologies, Inc. – Dor is the only foot traffic solution to be accurate, affordable, and easy to install in any location. View their Website >

Emotion Research LAB – EQ for machines. We use facial emotional algorithms to understand how people feel in real life in real time. View their Website >

Emotive Digital LP – Emotive Digital connects a new generation of tech savy consumers to brands and products at retail destinations by utilizing exciting new interactive technologies to create an impassioned and immersive digital experience; a divergence of on-line and off line, brick and mortar, shopping experiences. View their Website >

Hello Vera – Hello Vera uses AI to resolve customer issues in real time across multiple channel in different languages. View their Website >

iuzeit Inc. – iuzeit enables smarter purchase decisions by analyzing thousands of data points and providing a comprehensive overview for each product. View their Website >

Keyo, Inc. – Keyo is the world’s first cross-vertical, biometric identity platform. Keyo members use a quick, contactless scan of their palm to pay in stores, open doors and more. No phones, wallets or ID badges required. View their Website >

Klustera – Klustera is an ai-enabled, hyperlocal advertising platform, that targets users online, based on their behaviour in the real world. View their Website >

Mirror That Look – Visual search technology powered by Artificial Intelligence. View their Website >

MirraViz – The MirraViz MultiView Display System enables multiple people to view the same large screen and each see their own content over the entire screen, glasses-free. View their Website >

Myagi, Inc. – Myagi is a Smart Workforce Learning platform that uses data and machine learning to create, curate and deliver the right learning content, to the right employee, at the right time to give them the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. View their Website >

Mystor-E – Mystor-E enable retailers to tell more relevant and personalized story to their customers by bringing the e-commerce experience into the brick & mortar stores. View their Website >

OMNI Retail Group, Inc. – OMNI has discovered the Holy Grail, unifying online shopping behavior and purchases with in-store purchases. Retailers and brands are able to make better decisions and improve volume, profit, and capital efficiency. View their Website >

PebblePost Inc. – PebblePost® invented Programmatic Direct Mail® to transform real-time online activity into personalized, dynamically rendered tangible media that’s delivered into postal hubs within 12-24 hours, every day. View their Website >

Rancard Inc. – Rancard is a social recommendations technology leader for online retail and places. View their Website >

Retention Logic – RetentionLogic builds intelligent, data-driven digital loyalty and rewards programs for todays mobile customer. View their Website >

Sentiance – Data intelligence company that uses AI to analyze sensor data to understand human behavior. View their Website >

Shelvspace – Shelvspace is the only retail executions software that easily unifies fragmented store-level data to know what’s happening at the shelf and quickly take action to close gaps and drive sales. View their Website >

Energy & Sustainability

Plug and Play Energy and sustainability startups

Buzz Solutions – Buzz Solutions automates the inspection of power lines, using autonomous drones for data collection and a software system for analytics and predictive analytics. View their Website >

Clean Carbon Technologies – We build Carbon capture equipment that turns Industrial emissions into high value carbon products. View their Website >

Cool Energy, Inc. – Breakthrough Heat-to-Electricity Engines, Revolutionary Savings. View their Website >

Enact Systems – Enterprise Cloud Platform for Distributed Solar Projects. View their Website >

Flow Labs – Flow Labs develops non-invasive, low-cost solutions to monitor water use and send leak alerts in real-time. View their Website >

Ingu Solutions – Ingu Solutions offers intelligent and cost effective monitoring for pipelines. View their Website >

LYT Inc. – ALYT® is a carrier grade IoT horizontal platform able to manage any kind of connected objects, independently of the protocol used, allowing you to deliver infinte vertical solutions through a single, powerful platform. View their Website >

Scoop® Solar – Scoop® is a cloud-based mobile enterprise software platform that enables industrial companies to automate and streamline their currently manual/paper/spreadsheet driven field processes as user friendly best practice mobile WorkApps™. View their Website >

Semtive – Renewavable energy generation and smart energy control. View their Website >

Sylvatex, Inc. – Sylvatex uses a proprietary platform that leverages the fundamentals of chemical interactions to produce low cost, higher performing solutions that have industrial applications in billion dollar markets. View their Website >

TankTwo – TankTwo makes smart batteries for electric cars and other applications, which allows utilities to manage and control power generation for optimal efficiency. View their Website >

Volt Markets – Volt Markets is an energy origination, tracking, and trading platform. It is driven by smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, which is more secure, transparent, and efficient than existing systems. View their Website >


Plug and Play Fintech startups

Blockdaemon – Blockdaemon aims to be the Heroku of blockchain, providing an automative nodes-as-a-service model, that allows for easy peer-to-peer network management. View their Website >

Bouxtie – Bouxtie Inc is a Global Marketplace for the Digital Gift Card industry. View their Website >

Capitalise – Capitalise white label solution is an Innovative and revolutionary technology for the investment world that enables traders to receive automatic monitoring and automatic execution of their trading strategies, formulated in Simple Human language, with a back testing and profit enhancement solution. View their Website >

CreditStacks – CreditStacks issues premium credit cards to prime, new to credit customers. Our behavioral risk models allow us to identify prime consumers with no financial history in the U.S and issue them a premium credit card as soon as they enter the credit market. We help our customers start and build their financial future in the U.S. View their Website >

Eltropy – Eltropy is the world's first text-messaging based Sales platform for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) companies. BFSI sales teams using Eltropy leverage SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Facebook Messenger etc. to engage and sell financial products to customers. View their Website >

HEDG – HEDG is an investment advisory platform bringing digital first customers to our bank partners and investment advisory firms by bridging the gap between robo-advisor platforms and banks' human advisors. View their Website >

Hedgeable – Hedgeable is an award winning API platform that brings sophisticated financial products to the masses globally. View their Website >

HEXANIKA – HEXANIKA's simple, smart and efficient software harnesses Big Data and Machine Learning to automate data ingestion and rules creation for analytics and reporting. The solution improves data quality, keeps regulatory reporting in harmony with the dynamic regulatory requirements and keeps pace with latest regulatory updates. View their Website >

Income& – At Income&, we're reinventing the idea of fixed-income investing for the baby-boomer generation. View their Website >

Keyo – Keyo is the world’s first cross-vertical, biometric identity platform. View their Website >

Koyfin – Koyfin provides advanced equity and market analytics accessible on the web to every investor. View their Website >

Synswap – Synswap provides blockchain-driven post-trade services for OTC derivatives. View their Website >

LifeSite – The LifeSite Vault is a digital safety deposit box which helps individuals, families and their advisors to manage life’s most important documents/information such as property, legal, medical, insurance, wills, trusts, passwords, etc. in our ultra-secure cloud platform - providing permission-based sharing and controlled collaboration. View their Website >

MIRACL – MIRACL secures the people, applications, and things needed to run a digital business without sending critical information over a network, or storing it in whole form anywhere. View their Website >

Neener Analytics – Regulatory social media decisioning analytics that delivers Specific Individual Risk Outcomes for think-file, no-file, and credit challenged consumers. View their Website >

Squirro – Squirro turns untapped data into actionable cognitive insights. View their Website >

Novo – Powered by a network of regional banks, Novo extends its banking products directly to Millennial small business owners and startups with a focus on user experience. By combining artificial intelligence technology with traditional depository accounts, Novo is able to offer a personalized banking experience and empower its users with their data. View their Website >

Qanta – Qanta's technology provides mortgage lenders with an AI-driven agent that automates significant parts of the process, resulting in lower costs with increased customer satisfaction. View their Website >

Qumram – Qumram creates an indisputable audit trail of all digital activity and interactions (web, social, mobile), that ensures regulatory compliance, aids fraud detection, supports marketing analytics, and enables compliant multi-channel communications. View their Website >

Responsive AI – Responsive offers bespoke hybrid and robo-advisory solutions to banks and private wealth managers. View their Website >

Scanovate – Scanovate, a world leading Identity Management Company, provides a comprehensive digital management platform for financial institutions through its proprietary Dynamic Imaging Platform and Facial Recognition technology with a uniquely all-encompassing back end system. View their Website >

Tomorrow Ideas, Inc. – Tomorrow, the Trust Fund for Everyone,™ is an app that provides a will and trust for free and helps its customers purchase just the right amount of insurance to ensure their family's financial security. View their Website >

True Link Financial, Inc. – True Link's financial services help retirees maximize their independent lifestyle by providing a banking, investment, and insurance platform that puts planning for longevity at its core. View their Website >

Voleo, Inc. – Voleo's social trading app engages retail investors and enables financial institutions to accelerate customer acquisition. View their Website >

Food & Beverage

Plug and Play Food & Beverage startups

Agribody Technologies, Inc. – Expanding the global food supply by significantly increasing crop yields using patented genetic technology. View their Website >

Augean Robotics LLC – AGR builds robotic farm carts that follow laborers and function as virtual conveyor belts between pick points and collection points, allowing hand pickers to pick continuously rather than wasting 20-30% of their time shuttling produce from pick point to collection point. View their Website >

Biome Makers, Inc. – Harnessing healthy soil microbiomes to enable more sustainable and productive agriculture. View their Website >

Bite – Bite’s intelligent self-ordering kiosks aims to personalize the food-service and retail experience by incorporating facial recognition to recognize guests, learn their preferences and then dynamically adapt, display and recommend items that they would like. View their Website >

Bonumose Biochem LLC – We make rare sugars that are healthy, delicious and affordable. View their Website >

Breinify, Inc. – Breinify is the leading time-driven AI engine for predicting and automatically acting on impact from external data such as weather, events, and holidays. View their Website >

Chowbotics, Inc. – Robots for Food Service. View their Website >

IGZU LLC – IGZU is reinventing popular consumer food and beverage products utilizing the world’s most naturally resilient and sustainable crops. View their Website >

ImpactVision, Inc. – ImpactVision use hyperspectral technology and machine learning to provide rapid and non-invasive quality information about food products. View their Website >

InnovaNutra, Inc. – Empowering your existing supply chain while delivering Visibility, Collaboration, Machine Learning and Performance Optimizationthrough our innovative cloud-based SaaS product suite. View their Website >

Miraculex, Inc. – Miraculex is redefining sweetness in food by producing rare plant protein-based sweeteners derived from exotic fruits that are the best tasting and healthiest of any other current sweeteners on the market. View their Website >

Nourish – Nourish builds completely automated restaurants. View their Website >

Pyur Solutions LLC – Pyur Solutions cuts out the ubiquity of synthetic chemicals with non-toxic, biodegradable, plant-based solutions and in doing so, collapses a trade-off between natural, good-for-you solutions and solutions that work. View their Website >

Retention Logic – Retention Logic builds intelligent, data-driven digital loyalty and rewards programs for todays mobile customer. View their Website >

SensorTransport, Inc. – Real-time monitoring for goods in transport. View their Website >

Shelf Engine – Shelf Engine helps grocery stores decide how much to order to lower waste and increase sales. View their Website >

Shoof Technologies – Shoof is developing the 1st Open Architecture Advanced Wireless Technology for the Industrial IoT and Logistics Industry. View their Website >

Somabar, Inc. – Somabar is an automated bartender for hotels, bars, and restaurants. View their Website >

WISRAN – Identifies logistics inefficiencies in real-time to improve profits. View their Website >

New Materials & Packaging

Plug and Play New Materials startups

Air Cross, Inc. – We transform air pollution and reactive oxygen species into beneficial molecules. View their Website >

Biobent Polymers – Bioplastics from agricultural waste that exceed USDA BioPreferred requirments for sustainability, don't compromise performance and cost less. View their Website >

Cinder Biological, Inc. – CinderBio harnesses three billion years of biology to make extremely heat and acid stable enzymes to increase efficiencies in existing applications and expand the reach of enzymes into new markets and industries. View their Website >

Compact Membrane Systems – CMS are experts at tough chemical separations, with new technology for olefin separations. View their Website >

Eco-Catalyst – Help manufacturers and recyclers recover maximum post-consumption value from products through through predictive analytics. View their Website >

Nano Hydrophobics, Inc. – Nano Hydrophobics makes advanced coatings to improve the thermal efficiency of industrial heat exchangers to lower manufacturing costs, reduce downtime, and shrink carbon footprints. View their Website >

PulpWorks, Inc. – Designers and manufacturers of sustainable packaging from waste. View their Website >

Puralytics – Puralytics is a water purification company, using only light energy either from LEDs or sunlight to activate an advanced nanotechnology, eliminating or reducing contaminants such as pathogens, chemicals, pesticides and more. View their Website >

SynMatter – Smart Particles for Corrosion Protection, Corrosion Detection and Antifouling Smart Materials. View their Website >

ViridisChem, Inc. – ViridisChem is a software company offering web-based tools, offered through yearly subscription, essential toxicity data and tools for companies to move towards sustainable product development. View their Website >

Supply Chain & Logistics

Plug and Play Supply Chain Startups

Breinify Inc. – Breinify is the leading time-driven AI engine for predicting and automatically acting on impact from external data such as weather, events, and holidays. View their Website >

Cargo Chief, Inc. – Cargo Chief’s capacity integrations empower 3PLs to aggregate their carrier network in real-time and unlock hidden capacity. View their Website >

Chronicled – Chronicled, Inc. delivers trusted IoT and supply chain solutions to enterprise clients. Chronicled secures IoT device identities, data, and event logs and automates IoT-dependent business logic through smart contracts. View their Website >

ClearMetal – ClearMetal is a predictive logistics company that uses AI to deliver efficiency and profitability in the supply chain. View their Website >

Crowdz – A.I. for the Supply Chain. View their Website >

Freightera Logistics Inc. – Freightera is creating a single global marketplace for freight transportation. View their Website >

Globatom Inc. – Empowering your existing supply chain while delivering Visibility, Collaboration, Machine Learning and Performance Optimizationthrough our innovative cloud-based SaaS product suite. View their Website >

LevaData, Inc. – Cognitive Sourcing – Guaranteed. View their Website >

Koniku – Koniku is the world's first Neurocomputation company. They start with a premise that the human brain is the most powerful computer ever devised and show that capturing that computational power is an engineering problem. View their Website >

Mojix, Inc. – Mojix helps companies with item level transparency, visibility and traceability across complex supply-chains. View their Website >

PINC – #1 provider of advanced yard management, finished vehicles logistics, and inventory robotics solutions to the world’s leading brands. View their Website >

Prevedere – Prevedere, Inc. is a SaaS Enterprise Software start-up focused on “Big Data” Predictive Analytics for large companies. Prevedére has produced a one-of-a-kind “External Data Analytics” product that fills a gap in the business intelligence, predictive analytics, and external data provider markets. View their Website >

Shoof Technologies – Shoof is developing the 1st Open Architecture Advanced Wireless Technology for the Industrial IoT and Logistics Industry. View their Website >

TERBINE – Terbine is the first commercial-grade exchange designed for curating and monetizing IoT data on a global scale. View their Website >

Throughput Inc. – Throughput discovers costly bottlenecks in supply chain to enable business to grow. View their Website >

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