Energy and Environmental Technology Analyst

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Duties and Responsibilities

Evaluate and conduct technical due diligence of energy-related technologies associated with promising start-up companies in the Sustainability sector—particularly those industries concerned with energy (generation, distribution, & consumption), and the environment (new materials & cleantech):
  • Conduct comparative reviews and analyses of the companies’ technical data—using benchmarks and principles in engineering design and analytics. Also, depending on industry being evaluated, use knowledge of Petroleum Engineering, Gas Production, Well Technology, Advanced Materials Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Polymers and/or Nanocomposites
  • Evaluate the economics and cost efficiencies of the involved technical manufacturing and development processes, by using evaluation tools and skills derived from Engineering Computer Fundamentals and Programming and Numerical Analyses
  • Conduct competitive analyses of technologies, by assessing substitute technologies with similar costs and/or similar technologies offered by competing companies. The Analyst must utilize his knowledge of the science underlying the compared technologies
  • Write and present reports on the engineering profiles, specifications, and market potential of evaluated technology

    Conduct deal flows by matching startup technologies to large, existing corporations (often, Fortune 500 companies) in the energy (generation, distribution, & consumption), and the environment (new materials & cleantech) industries. The goal is to find and match companies with complementary technologies and/or aligned business objectives:
  • Analyze and assess technological compatibility and integration possibilities between startups’ technologies and the larger corporations’ portfolio of technologies. This requires a sound understanding of how different technologies interact with each other the environment, and therefore draws upon knowledge in Energy and Material Balance, Principles of Environmental Preservation, and Fundamentals of Sustainability
  • Valuate and analyze startup’s technologies and companies that fit within the larger corporations’ focus and direction, for possible collaboration efforts, investment, and/or acquisition

  • Advise startup companies on their technological and commercial deployment:
  • Act as liaison between technology and business stakeholders (investors and technology partners), through reports and consultations
  • Advise and mentor startups in regards to front-end and back-end technology, laboratory processes, and business model
  • Assist management in performing investment due diligence and providing investment recommendations to management
  • Establish structures and processes for our sustainability innovation platform, with a focus on enhancing the quality of the sourced startups, the investment process, and the investment returns

  • Qualifications

  • Masters degree in Energy Engineering (or related field)