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The world of financial technology changes so quickly that we must always be ready for the next big thing.

That is why we formed an accelerator around Fintech and Security. It is a platform for innovation that connects forward-thinking corporations with startups that are influencing the financial industries.

We run 3 month programs, twice a year for 25-30 Fintech startups. These are chosen by our venture team, our VC partners and our corporate partners.

Startups are selected from around 1,000 fintech startup applications sourced from across the world every year.

Jonah Lupton

Lupton Media, Serenity, Nutraspire, InterCapital Group, ProDessert, Parabolic Ventures, bStrong, DealBurglar.

Anjney Midha

Founding Partner at KPCB Edge

Nareg DerManuelian

Investor at Citi Ventures

Dan Rosen

Founder & General Partner at Commerce Ventures

Chris Haroun

Partner at Artis Ventures│Software, Cloud and Infrastructure

Alexey Garyunov

Co Founder - FinSight Ventures

Wences Casares

Founder & CEO at Xapo

Constance Choi

Co-Founder at COALA & Blockchain Workshops

Maja Lapcevic

Senior Vice President, Citi Ventures

Jared Fliesler

General Partner at Matrix Partners

Victoria Cheng

VC at Citi Ventures, InSITE Board Member,

Adam Boutin

Principal - Capital One Ventures at Capital One

Matthew Roszak

Bitcoin - VC, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist - Founding Partner, Tally Capital

Jim Griffin

Currency Risk Management and Cross Border Payments Pro

Richard Webster

Richard Webster

Richard Webster is an entrepreneur and advisor to the financial services and FinTech communities.

Richard co-founded Monterey Labs, a company that designs, builds, and delivers innovative software products for financial institutions and micro-finance organizations in emerging markets. He also provides consulting services to firms in the financial services and FinTech markets.

Prior to founding Monterey Labs, Richard led Cisco’s global banking and payments solutions development practice. Previously, he directed Hewlett-Packard’s worldwide marketing and solution development efforts for the financial services industry.

Richard was Corporate Vice President - Marketing for Fiserv, Inc., a worldwide provider of information technology services to financial institutions. He has held management and marketing positions with NCR and The Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco. Richard also served as CFO for a California financial institution.

Richard has an MBA, with emphasis in corporate finance, and a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and management. He has studied and traveled throughout the Middle East.

David Chen

Principal Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners

Alexander Marquez

Executive Vice President

Matthew Murphy

Investor, Entrepreneur and Marketer

Hugh Molotsi

Innovation Leader at Intuit @hughmolotsi

Alyse Killeen

Venture Capital Investor

Arti Kuthiala

Innovation Network, Citi Ventures at Citi

P. Bart Stephens

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Blockchain Capital LLC

Anish Srivastava

Entrepreneurial Executive

David Carrico

CEO and Co-Founder at PrimeMind

John Donovan

Financial Technology Entrepreneur

Robert Claassen

Emerging Growth Advisor and Investor

Chris Sweis

Investor & Business Architect With A Passion For All Things Digital.

Santi Subotovsky

Maxim Nazarov

Analyst at FinSight Ventures

Lee Jacobs

Venture Investor, advisor @AngelList and @500startups

Mircea Mihaescu

Dr. Mircea Mihaescu, P.Eng. General Partner at SBT Venture Capital

Jon Cholak

FinTech Investor, Mentor and Advisor

Bill Tai

Venture Capitalist, Educator & Athlete

Edward Yip

Consumer Internet Investments @ Norwest Venture Partners

Jaidev Shergill

Head of Capital One Ventures

Rick Yang

Partner at New Enterprise Associates

Avish Bhama

CEO of Mirror

Roger Meike

Technical Executive with a passion for creating new technologies and products

Dana Stalder

Early stage venture capital @ Matrix Partners

Jeff Garzik

Founder of Dunvegan Space Systems

William Koenig

EVP Group Head Corporate Banking & Capital Markets at Western Alliance Bank (NYSE: WAL)
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