Corporate accelerators and open innovation is the new corporate strategy.

We work with the biggest corporations in the world to develop their startup engagement strategy through our innovation platforms. Now is the best time to launch your innovation workshop with us to connect to the top startups disrupting and developing your industry.

What is open innovation?

Open innovation is a business model that encourages you to connect with outside sources so you can profit from exciting new startup investment and product opportunities.

Whereas some traditional models focused solely on the benefits of internal research and development, open innovation has defined a new innovation strategy for corporations.

It has become a hugely popular measure for upscaling internal innovation and making corporations more nimble to market changes than closed innovation systems.

What are our open innovation platforms?

Over the past 10 years, we have been developing industry-specific innovation platforms that combine startup accelerators, corporate-startup engagement, investment, and innovation events.

We now have an ecosystem of the largest companies in the world that have joined programs related to their industry and we are seeing successful pilot programs, co-investments, and acquisitions every month.

This is not simply a corporate incubator, it is a place for amazing startups to thrive and a cost-effective and streamlined way for corporations to execute their innovation strategy with us.

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How do corporations join one of our innovation platforms?

Our innovation platforms are open to corporations of all sizes but we love to work with companies that have a solid plan and a dedicated innovation team.

We find that the most successful open innovation comes from commitment and patience and our partners trust us to find the best opportunities related to their exact technology interest areas. We'll turn you into corporate entrepreneurs and VCs in no time.

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