Business Analyst

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Plug and Play Tech Center ( is the most active VC in Silicon Valley and the largest innovation platform in the world.

Our passion is to help startups succeed and that’s why we built the ultimate startup ecosystem: industry-specific accelerator programs, office space, year-round investments, 180+ corporate partners, and hundreds of VCs in our network.

Simply put, we give startups the best possible chance to thrive.

Duties and Responsibilities

Investigate financial technology (“FinTech”) startups and understand their finances, business models, markets, and funding environments:
  • Review business plans of FinTech start-up companies (Market potential, scalability, and financial modeling/profitability analysis) to vet the viability of the business model and determine an investment decision. FinTech start-ups include, but are not limited to-- Payments companies; Lending companies; Bitcoin/blockchain related applications; Cybersecurity software solutions; Open-banking API based solutions; Machine Learning solutions; and Data Analytics solutions.
  • Conduct comparative review and analyses of economic data (activity levels across countries, different segments of FinTech, public and private investment flows, etc.)
  • Conduct comparative review of venture funding availability and return on venture investments.

  • Conduct more in-depth financial and market investigations, in order to obtain more obscure/unnoticed insights into targeted FinTech startups and how they may be integrate with the existing, traditional financial infrastructure:
  • Research relevance of financial Institution’s operations, technological infrastructure, decision making processes, and reporting structures to the FinTech startups
  • Study Profit centers versus cost centers and the levers that financial institutions can trigger to increase/decrease revenues and costs, and how these apply to the startups
  • Study interrelationships between various FinTech startups in Lending, Payments, Security, Regulations, Blockchain, Digital Marketing, Compliance, Data Analytics, AI/Machine Learning
  • Analyze bank & Startup partnership models, with a view to how banks can work with startups (structure of proof of concept programs, pilots, banking legacy software and integration requirements)

  • Leverage financial and business expertise to support the growth of Plug & Play’s portfolio of FinTech start-up companies:
  • Work with company founders to create prospectuses, write blurbs, executive summaries and proposals for Plug and Play portfolio companies to potential clients.  This involves reviewing historical financial statements and balance sheets to highlight key performance indicators relevant to potential clients; projecting future cash flows based on industry trends and planned company initiatives (emphasizing the scale and market potential of each portfolio company); and leveraging past successful portfolio company pitch documents to facilitate stronger pitches
  • Help determine an accurate valuation for portfolio companies looking to raise funds by preparing detailed financial models including DCF (discounted cash flows) and comparable analysis
  • Leverage Plug and Play's network of advisors to educate, challenge, and advise startup founders on the financial strategy for their companies
  • Advise portfolio companies managing growth, including: drafting onboarding plans for new employees and clients, structuring job duties to ensure role clarity, reporting standards, and compensation structure
  • Consult with portfolio companies on raising funds (debt vs equity options, timing, amount to raise, sources of funding, and etc.)

  • Research potential buyers/investors for targeted start-up companies and Plug & Play’s existing portfolio of over 300 start-up companies:
  • Research recent corporate acquisitions across North America.  In doing so, he must review key metrics for consideration will include company revenues and profitability, and in particular the year-over-year growth in these metrics; industry-specific key performance indicators in comparison to incumbents and other technology companies; and qualitative factors including company personnel, product/service key differentiators, and etc. 
  • Follow the buyer's market and trends for startups being acquired
  • Present acquisition trends to internal team members and to portfolio company founders that are at an exit stage

  • Qualifications

  • Bachelors degree in Business Administration (or closely related field)
  • 1 year of work experience as Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, or closely related position