Alireza Masrour

Managing Partner, Plug & Play Ventures

Who is Alireza Masrour?


Alireza Masrour is Managing Partner at Plug and Play Ventures, a place where he is heading investment arm of Plug and Play. He led more than 200 investments out of over 20,000 startup investment opportunity for the firm since 2008.

Some of investments led by him are Kamcord, FiscalNote, CreditSesame, HealthPocket which acquired by Health Insurance Innovations, Matcha which acquired by Apple, PasswordBox which acquired by McAfee/Intel, TrustGo which acquired by Baidu, GNS3 which was acquired by Solarwind, Flyr, Shippo, Virool, Skytree, eyeIO, and BookingPal to name a few.

Prior to Plug and Play, he was Founder and CEO at NekaTel, one of the large Internet Airtime Distribution Networks, with over 800 retailers and millions of subscribers. Alireza grew NekaTel’s revenue from $0 to over $45M in less than 2 years. He was also Founder of VidaTel, offering mobile airtime distribution technology and sold the technology in 2007. He has prior Engineering and Management background. Alireza published “Crossing the Digital Divide: What’s Next” in Information Technologies and International Development Journal published by Harvard Business School for UN’s World Summit on the Information Society.