The Californian Smart Cities of Tomorrow Have One Unfair Advantage: Silicon Valley.

“Smart cities” have been a popular buzzword for years, but there is one place in the world that has an unfair advantage above all else…

The Chief Information Officer of San Francisco drops knowledge on future of cities:

What the IT Director of Sunnyvale has to say about smart cities:

The CIO and IT Director for the City of Mountain View describes how the community and technology are coming together for a better future:

The Deputy CIO for the County of San Mateo explains what the future will be like for the residents…

The Director of Information Services for the City of Belmont has a plan for Belmont’s future:

The CIO for the City of Palo Alto on why “the world looks to us for a beacon of new ideas”:

The CIO for the City of Santa Clara explains the starting blocks for creating a smart city:

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